BadmintonClub Guardamar

About Us

We are a big Badminton community in Guardamar, it's organized by Alan & Gill.

We enjoy Badminton at the Guardamar Sports Centre 5 times a week working up a sweat and we ache the next morning for fun!

Everyone is welcome to join us and have a knock.

And just for a small fee for renting the court for couple hours its 3,50 euro a person.(Sometimes 4 euro if we need lights)

Apart from playing badminton we also organize events together and enjoy a good time together, such as Barbeque,Bowling,Dinner Quiznight, and so on!

Fore more info Contact Alan & Gill.

Mobile No:689159487



Monday at 10:30AM/13:30PM for Advanced Players

Tuesday at 11:00AM/13:00PM for Beginning Players (Gill gives lessons as well on this day)

Wednesday at 10:30AM/13:30PM for Average Players

Thursday at 11:00AM/13:00PM for Beginning&Average Players

Friday at 10:30AM/13:30PM for Advanced Players (Invitation ONLY, but you're always welcome to come and watch)

(The times change from time to time, so don't worry when nobody is there if its not at 10:30 it is at 11:00)